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Save the Month: Le Tour de Transylvania is Back for it's 5th year!

Hank Birdsong | Published on 12/21/2023

Save the Month: 6/29-7/21, 2024!
Le Tour de Transylvania is back for year 5!

2024 le Tour de Transylvania FAQ

The 2024 "le Tour de Transylvania" (TdT) starts June 29th. Rides will be at various skill levels, starting times, starting places and lengths throughout the 21 stages. There is no fee for the TdT other than to be an active BRBC member.
Please forward this email to non-members that might be interested and encourage them to pay the low fee to join BRBC. Yearly membership fees are only $35.00 for an individual, $50.00 for a family membership and$ 30.00 for student/veterans.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TdT?

Le Tour de Transylvania group rides are on the same days the Tour de France (TdF) rides. This year there are 100 different ride options!

Where is the TdT?

Rides start at different locations, but most rides are in Transylvania County for at least part of the ride. The Tour de France is in Italy for three days this year so TdT will venture north of Asheville for some rides this year.

What are the ride options?

Ride all 21 stages or select the stages you want to ride. On most days there will be a longer A or B pace ride, a shorter C pace “no-drop” ride, a D pace “no-drop” ride, and some days will have a gravel ride option. Even the “no-drop” ride is not necessarily flat or easy, so pay attention to the ride description! Even though the longer ride is sometimes officially a “drop ride,” ride leaders will regroup from time to time. Some of the longer rides have a designated “no-drop” leader as well.

I can't open the route link, what's up?

You must be a BRBC member to view the RWGPS club routes. It's a low fee for a full year, so join!

Are there road markings, support, & rest stops?

These are a series of BRBC group rides, not an “event”, so there is no SAG, no staffed rest stops, no pavement markers. Expect these rides to be like a regular BRBC group ride.

What are the start times?

Watch for the emails, but typically the longer ride will roll out at 9am and the shorter rides will depart at 9:15, 9:30, 9:45. Gravel ride start times are TBA based on length and difficulty, but normally will start at 9am.

Do I have to ride with the TdT group?

Riders that want to roll solo or with a smaller group on their own (or at a different time) may do so for any of the stages. We're not tracking any of this so you can make your own rules!

I'm not retired, are there any evening rides?

Folks that work can ride the routes solo in the evening or get together with friends to ride the stages after work. Better yet, call in sick for 21 days. We may announce some evening rides for folks that can't ride during the day.

How do I get the TdT ride announcements?

Ride announcements with routes and details will go out to BRBC members that have selected a ride interest group (A, B, C, D, or Gravel).

What if the weather is threatening?

We do not plan to send out any cancellation emails, so decide for yourself if the conditions are safe for riding. You always have the option of starting at a different time or do the stage on a different day. If the ride leader decides not to ride due to weather they won’t show up & it will be up to you to decide if you want to do the ride on your own at the scheduled time or a later time.

Are there any rest days?

Each Monday (except July 1st) is a scheduled rest day.

What if there are a lot of riders?

On bigger turnout days we will try to depart in “waves” rather than one huge group.

What if I want to go faster than the group?

You can go any pace you choose, but if you get in front of the ride leader you need to know the route and you are no longer part of the group ride- you are on your own.

Where can I get a TdT Jersey and bottoms? 

There will not be TdT kits sold this year.

What is the schedule? See below:





Tentative Ride Schedule

**NOTE: You must be a BRBC member to open club route links

Announcements will be emailed a few days before each ride with route details and starting times. Be sure to join Blue Ridge Bicycle Club if you want to get future TdT info. If you are a current ride leader or want to become a ride leader please consider co-leading one of these rides. Send me (Hank) an email if you are willing to co-lead a ride.

Stage 1

Etowah Start

Sat 06/29/2024

First stage, wear a TdT kit if you have one

33-mile A/B pace ride
CCC & Jeter easy side
Leaders- Jim Lane, Linda Martin
No drop leaders- Tracey Drews, Lisa Lazzaro

40-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Brevard Coffee Ride
Leader- Mark Blakeley

32-mile C pace no-drop
Brevard Coffee Ride Lite
Leader-Dawn Barr

27-mile no-drop ride
Davis Mountain Willow
Leaders- Drew Stauffer

25-mile EZ no-drop ride
French Broad & Little River valleys
Leaders- Kristi Wagner, Shelly Mozlin

Stage 2

Brevard Depot Start

Sun 06/30/2024

39-mile ride
Transylvania Backroads
B pace leader- Art Delcher
No drop leader- Philip Hardee

27-mile no-drop ride
Rosman Loop
Leader- Peter Adams

39-mile gravel option
Cathey’s Creek
Leaders- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

Stage 3

Cane River Park Start

Mon 07/01/2024

104-mile A-/B+ pace ride
Burnsville-Roan Century
Leader- Robert Allen,Roger Register

65-mile A-/B+ pace ride
Cane River Park Metric
Leader- Bud Whitmeyer

50-mile B pace ride
Jacks Creek 50
Leaders- Linda Martin, Jim Carroll

37-mile B- pace no-drop
Jacks Creek Reverse & Bee Branch
Leader- Tracey Drews

30 mile no-drop rides
Half Jack/EZ 30
C pace Leaders- Tony Pierfelice, Marie Chamberlin
D pace Leader- Shelly Mozlin

Stage 4

Cedar Mtn OutpostStart

Tues 07/02/2024

38-mile A/B pace
DuPont – Jeter Loop
Leader- Jim Lane, Linda Martin

26-mile C+/B- pace no-drop
Pretty Place
Leader- John Wash,Gayle Tomkinson

25-mile D pace no-drop ride
Ice Cream Ride
Leader- Peter Adams

26-mile gravel
DuPont Gravel
Leaders- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

Stage 5


Wed 07/03/2024

55-mile B/B- pace
Slick Fisher Loop
Leader- Rusty McCain

42-mile B pace
Sassafras (the hard way)
Leader- Michael Traxler, Mindy Reese

41-mile C pace no-drop ride
East Fork / Walnut Hollow
Leaders- Mark Blakeley, Philip Hardee

21-mile D pace no-drop ride
Hannah Ford 21
Leader- Peter Adams, Kristi Wagner

Stage 6

Oskar BluesStart

Thur 07/04/2024


Independence Day!
Wear red, white, and blue!

33-mile no-drop rides
Oskar Blues to Rosman
B pace Leader- Dawn Barr
B-/C+ pace Leader- John Wash

26-mile C pace no-drop ride
Oskar Blues – Etowah
Leader- Drew Stauffer

20-mile D pace no-drop ride
Oskar Blues – Talley
Leader- Peter Adams

28-mile gravel
Oskar Blues Avery Creek Gravel
Leaders- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

Also, The Fabulous 4th of July bike tour is in Tryon NC on July 4th: Fabulous-4th

Stage 7

Mills River ParkStart

Fri 07/05/2024

50-mile B pace
Mills River - Etowah - Pennsylvania
Leader- Yusfia Jimenez, David Gorzynski

41-mile B- pace no-drop
Mills River –Oskar Blues
Leader- Alan Freedman

42-mile C pace no-drop
Mills River – Etowah
Leader- Janet Minner

30-mile C pace no-drop ride
Mills River Park 30

Leader- Lew Insler

24-mile D pace no-drop ride
Mills River Park - Etowah EZ 24
Leader- Shelly Mozlin

Stage 8

New Belgium Start

Sat 07/06/2024

43-mile A/B pace
New Belgium - Marshall 43
Leaders- RogerRegister, Linda Martin

34-mile rides
New Belgium - Leicester 34
B- pace Leaders- John Dennis
+ pace Leader- Brenda Carlton
C pace Leaders- Janet Minner

23-mile D pace no-drop ride
Riverside Montford 23
Leaders- Mark B., Lew I., Peter A.

Stage 9

Ecusta BrewingStart

Cycle ‘n Suds

Sun 07/07/2024

69-mile A/B pace
Ecusta Toxaway 69
Leader- Mindy Reese, Roger Register

44-mile B pace
Ecusta Glady Fork 44
Leader- Linda Martin,GayleTomkinson

38 mile B-/C+ pace no-drop ride
Ecusta Brewing 38
Leader- Dawn Barr, John Dennis

26-mile C pace no-drop ride
Ecusta Brewing 26
Leader- Brenda Carlton

18-mile D pace no-drop ride
Ecusta Brewing 18
Leader- Peter Adams

45-mile Gravel ride
Ecusta to Mills River Gravel
Leader- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

MON 07/08/2024


Stage 10


Tues 07/09/2024

101-mile B-/C+ pace
Brevard to Pennsylvania Century
Leader- Dawn Barr

50-mile rides
Brevard – Etowah – Rosman
B Pace Leader- Linda Martin
B-/C+ Pace no-drop Leader- John Wash

27-mile C Pace no-drop ride
Brevard - Rosman
Leader- Drew Stauffer

20-mile D pace no-drop ride
Brevard Flat 20
Leader- Cindy Z.

Stage 11

Tuxedo Start

Wed 07/10/2024

48-mile B pace Ride
Tuxedo Climbs 48
Leader- Rusty McCain

34-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Tuxedo - Saluda Hills
Leader- Philip Hardee, Hank Birdsong

28-mile C pace no-drop
Tuxedo - Saluda 27
Leader- Mark Blakeley

26-mile gravel
Lake Summit-Saluda Gravel
Leader- Lisa Lazzaro

Stage 12

Cedar Mtn OutpostStart

Thur 07/11/2024

52-mile B pace
Caesar’s Head 51
Leaders- Roger Register, David Sloan

43-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Caesar’s Head 43
Leader- John Wash

38-mile C pace no-drop ride
DuPont CCC Jeter 38
Leader- AJ Ball

17-mile D pace no-drop ride
Cedar Mountain Ice Cream 17
Leader- Cindy Z.

35-mile gravel
Pinnacle Mtn Gravel Loop
Leaders- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

29-mile no-drop gravel
Rich Mountain Pavement/Gravel
Leader- Sandy James

Stage 13

Old FortStart

Fri 07/12/2024

40-mile A/B/C pace no-drop
Point Lookout 40
A/B pace Leader-Roger Register
C pace Leader- Shelley Hoogstraten

34-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Bat Cave Loop 34
Leader- Tracey Drews

17-mile D pace no-drop ride
Andrews Geyser - Point Lookout 17
Leader- Peter Adams

39 mile gravel
Curtis Creek South Toe Gravel 39
Leader- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer



Stage 14

Champion Park Start

Sat 07/13/2024


Hot Doggett (Mars Hill)

49-mile B pace
Charley’s Creek
Leader- Roger Register, David Sloan

36-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Tanasee Gap
Leader- Rusty McCain

21-mile D pace no-drop ride
Rosman 21
Leader- Cindy Z.

41-mile gravel
Cathey’s Creek
Leaders- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

Also happening on July 13th:
Hot Doggett (Mars Hill)

Stage 15

Etowah Start

Sun 07/14/2024


Gran Fondo Asheville


Bastille Day!

36-mile rides
Etowah Willow
B Pace Leader- Art Delcher,GayleTomkinson
B- pace no-drop Leader- Dawn Barr

32-mile C pace no-drop ride
Etowah Hills
Leader- AJ Ball

25-mile EZ D Pace no-drop ride
River Valleys
Leaders- Peter Adams, Lew Insler

Also happening on July 14th:
Gran Fondo Asheville

MON 07/15/2024


Stage 16

Pink Beds Start

Tue 07/16/2024


US-276, Pisgah Forest, NC

35.353107, -82.779561

51-mile Rides
Pink Beds - Lake Logan loop
A/B pace leader- Roger, Linda Martin
B- pace no drop leader- Dawn Barr

27-mile B- pace no-drop
Pink Beds to Black Balsam
Leader- Rusty McCain

25-mile gravel
Yellow Gap Road
Leader- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

18-mile EZ gravel
Yellow Gap Road
Leaders- Shelly M, Tony P

Stage 17

Jackson ParkStart

Wed 07/17/2024

44-mile B pace
Point Lookout Mtn Triple
Leader- Rusty McCain

37 mile no-drop rides
Apple Pancake on the Lamb
B- pace no-drop Leaders- Mark Blakeley, Alan Freedman
C+ pace no-drop Leader- Philip Hardee

33-mile C pace no-drop ride
Apple Pancake
Leader- Dawn Barr

Stage 18

Beech Glen Community CenterStart

Thur 07/18/2024

65-mile A/B pace
Beech Glen Mars Hill Metric
Leaders- Bud Whitmeyer, Roger Register

46 or 36 mile B-/C+ no-drop
Beech Glen Smith Creek Loop 46
Leaders- John Wash, John Dennis

23 or 30 mi C pace no-drop
Beech Glen Hilly 23/30
Leaders- TBD

21-mile D pace no-drop ride
Beech Glen 21
Leaders- Tony Pierfelice, Marie Chamberlin

Stage 19

Mills River BreweryStart

Fri 07/19/2024

43-mile B pace
Jump Off Rock 43
Leaders- Leigh Simms, Tom Redder

39-mile B-/C+ pace no-drop
Roads to Nowhere 39
Leaders- Mark Blakeley, Lisa Lazzaro

32-mile C pace no-drop ride
Mills River Roundabout 32
Leader- Janet Minner

26-mile D pace no-drop ride
Etowah 26
Leaders- Kristi Wagner, Cindy Z.

Stage 20

Brevard Depot Start

Sat 07/20/2024

39-mile A/B Pace Ride
Walnut Hollow – Big Hill Loop
Leaders- Rusty McCain, David Sloan

33-mile R

Walnut Hollow – Big Hill Loop
B- pace Leader- Dawn Barr

29-mile C pace no-drop ride
Illahee Hills
Leaders- Tony Pierfelice

31-mile gravel
Avery Creek Loop
Leader- Jeff Knoll, Karl Klepfer

Stage 21

Oskar BluesStart

SUN 07/21/2024
Final stage, Wear a
TdT kit if you have one

45-mile rides
Frozen Creek Loop
A pace Leader- Roger Register
B pace Leader- Linda Martin
C pace Leaders- Art Delcher, Lisa Lazzaro

33-mile C pace no-drop ride
Oskar Blues to Rosman
Leaders- Drew Stauffer, Dawn Barr

26-mile D pace EZ no-drop ride
French Broad River Valley
Leaders- Peter Adams, Cindy Z.



Meeting Location and time:

Varies by the day. Here are the addresses for most of the starting locations:

Etowah Park, 449 Etowah School Rd, Etowah NC

Cedar Mountain Outpost, 8431 Greenville Hwy, Brevard NC 28712
Oskar Blues,342 Mountain Industrial Dr, Brevard, NC 28712
Silvermont Mansion, 364 E Main St, Brevard, NC
Island Ford River Access,2753 Island Ford Rd, Brevard, NC 28712
Jackson Park, 801 Glover St, Hendersonville, NC 28792
Ingles Market, 3338 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC 28759
Champion Park, 38 Main St,Rosman, NC (35.145315, -82.824777)
Depot Railroad Avenue Park, 390 Railroad Avenue, Brevard, NC 28712
Mills River Park,124 Town Center Dr., Mills River, NC 28759. (35.383840, -82.549570)
Tuxedo Park, 1299 Old US 25 Hwy, Zirconia, NC 28790
Ecusta Brewing Company, 451 Ecusta Rd, Brevard, NC 28712
Pink Beds Parking Area, US-276, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768 (35.353107, -82.779561)
Mills River Brewing, 336 Banner Farm Rd, Mills River, NC 28759
Beech Glen Community Center, 2936 Beech Glen Rd, Mars Hill, NC
Hillman Beer, 59 Commerce St, Old Fort, NC 28762
New Belgium Brewery area, parking lot at 162 Craven St, Asheville, NC 28806
Cane River Park, 258 Whittington Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714