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Rider's Responsibilities

A. As a participant in a BRBC ride you MUST sign the waiver annually (found on the ride leader’s email and the BRBC website). As a club member you will be prompted to sign the waiver when you renew your membership. As a guest your signature is good for one year. Do not assume your ride leader will have waivers with them. If you haven’t signed the waiver you cannot officially participate. 

Waiver and Release of Liability


B. YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET! Headlights and taillights are strongly suggested. They are required when riding through the tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


C. Obey all traffic laws. This includes stopping at stop signs and red lights. Communicate with hand signals when turning, stopping, or pointing out road hazards. Ride single file when traffic is behind you. Communicate to others in the group - car back, on your left, right turn, slowing, stopping, gravel, etc.


D. Don’t confront motorists - get the tag number and vehicle description, then report the incident to the police.


E. Make sure you have the cue sheet downloaded to your device or carry a printed copy. If you get separated from the group, you must be able to find your way. Re-grouping is up to the ride leader.


F. When stopping on the road to regroup, waiting for others, making an adjustment, etc., get completely off the road.


G. Make sure you have your ride leader’s contact info and a fully charged cell phone with which to call them if there is a problem. You should remember, however, that many rides are in isolated areas with poor reception. Another reason to assure you are self-sufficient.


H. Bring adequate water and snacks for the length of the ride. The ride leader should include in their pre-ride email where the rest stops may be but be prepared for an unanticipated closure.


I. Bring an ID, charge card and/or money.


J. Make sure your bicycle is in safe working order before the ride. Make sure you have tools with you for basic maintenance; especially those required to fix a flat. You should know how to fix your own flat. If you do not, contact your local bike shop, friend, or even the ride leader so that you can practice before the ride.


K. Always ride within your ability


J. Lastly, pack a large dose of good humor. You’ll have good rides, bad rides, cold rides, hot ride, wet rides, all kinds of rides but if you bring your sense of humor you will enjoy spending time in the saddle with other bike-loving comrades regardless of the conditions!




Review the Covid Checklist . In addition, you may also want to consider:


A. Bringing enough water and snacks to last the entire ride. For longer rides consider a Camelbak-like device.


B. If convenience stores or restroom breaks are required pack hand sanitizer and/or sanitizer wipes, mask, and disposable gloves