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The BRBC Clothing Store is OPEN!

Drew Stauffer | Published on 1/25/2024

The BRBC Agile Sportswear Store is OPEN! 
(Sat 29 Jan through midnight Sat 10 Feb 24)

The BRBC store with Agile Sportswear (previously known as Ascend Sportswear), a North Carolina based company, will be open Sat 29 Jan 24 through midnight Sat 10 Feb 24.


Visit the BRBC Ascend Store


The jerseys are offered in two different levels, the Elevate and the Volare Elite.  The Elevate is available in a sport cut or relaxed fit and the Elite is offered in race, sport and relaxed fits (see sizing chart on store website).  New this opening is the availability of the BRBC 50th Anniversary jersey, see graphic below for the design. To give our members more options, the long sleeve and sleeveless jerseys are BRBC Member exclusives! Only the short sleeve jersey is available when registering for the Flyer!

Fit kits will not be available for this opening, contact Agile (1-800-894-7105) or Drew Stauffer ( with fit questions.


Shipping is estimated between 7-8 weeks from the time the BRBC store closes on the 10th.

Please keep in mind this is custom apparel and the Club keeps no stock inventory and there are no returns, so please make an effort to confirm your sizing before ordering, if you are unsure what size to purchase.


Thank you, 



Drew Stauffer
BRBC Apparel Store Coordinator

BRBC's 50th Anniversary Jersey Designs