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Weekly Cycle Tip - Common Bike Creaks

Brenda Carlton | Published on 5/8/2022

Weekly Cycle Tip: Common Bike Creaks

No, your bike is not haunted, but creaks do appear, and they are tough to track. Try addressing one area at a time until the creak is located. Here are some areas to check before just assuming it’s the bottom bracket.

1) Loose pedals - grease threads and snug

2) Loose chain ring bolts - snug

3) Loose or dry quick release skewers - tighten or thin smear of lube on drop outs

4) Loose crank arm - tighten

5) Loose or dry saddle rails - tighten or drip light lube on rails

6) Seat post - remove, clean, grease or carbon paste

7) Loose or dry lower headset bearing - adjust or coat lower bearing with grease

8) Cleats - worn, thin shelf or if dry use candle wax which does not attract dirt

9) Loose cassette - this will sound exactly like the bottom bracket

10) Loose bars or stem - torque to spec

Try to eliminate possibilities before attacking the creaks. Items 5 and 6 might disappear when standing. Pedals and cleats might reveal themselves by loading your feet against the float limits while you ride. The headset or bar/stem may only creak while standing over the front end.