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Weekly Cycle Tip - Descending Tips

Brenda Carlton | Published on 5/2/2022

  • Keep Scanning - watch for obstacles while keeping an eye on others around you.
  • Use a Larger Gap - back off to give yourself plenty of room to maneuver around problems or other riders.
  • Pass Politely - your fellow riders do not appreciate being buzzed by car or cycle so give others plenty of space when passing. (No rider expects right side passing. Be careful and respectful.)
  • Watch and Learn - One of the best ways to improve your cornering skills is to watch the actions of a skilled descender. Mimic their body position and follow their lines. (Lean bike not body. Keep head and body upright over the tires for traction.)
  • Look Where You Want To Go - avoid watching your front wheel or the road just in front. Look down the road; you'll be drawn to those more distant spots.
  • Communicate - alert others to hazards or intentions as you would on flat ground.
  • Know Your Limits - As Dirty Harry said, " A man must know his limitations."