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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the info link icon   to view additional information about the interest group.


The BRBC coordinates the bicycle rodeo program in Buncombe County. We are always looking for volunteers. During rodeos we teach kids the basics of safe bike riding by sending them to 5-6 stations where they learn specific skills for safe cycling. There 1-2 volunteers at each station teaching skills. We also need volunteers to fit helmets, check and fit bikes, and to handle registration. These are fun events for all involved.
Claudia P Nix

The club has taken the responsibility to help the city of Asheville and NC DOT by adopting the bike lanes along Lyman Street from Amboy Road to 12 Bones and Riverside Drive from Broadway to Hill Street. Four times a year volunteers meet at the Clingman Cafe around 9 AM for a light breakfast compliments of the club and then divide up into groups and spend two hours picking up trash and sweeping the bike lane. Come join us with this project as "Many hands make light work", Mike Racine has agreed to coordinate this project. An announcement will be made in the club newsletter just before each clean up or you can contact Mike at to learn the when the clean ups are scheduled.
Claudia P Nix

Attend monthly meetings and report to BRBC Advocacy Chairperson. Vision: For Asheville to be a community of connected pathways that is healthy, safe and accessible for people of all ages. Mission: To educate the public about bicycle and pedestrian transportation. To advocate for the development and maintenance of safe, convenient and inter-connected facilities and to promote the benefits of walking and biking for individuals and community health.
Claudia P Nix

The mission of the NC Bike Summit is to foster collaboration between North Carolina's various bicycle movements, efforts, and endeavors; educate local government staff, bicycle advocates, and policy leaders; promote cycling as a valid form of transportation; and highlight North Carolina's dedication toward becoming a premier bicycle friendly state.
Joe Sanders

The National Bike Summit is the premier bike advocacy event of the year, uniting the voices of bicyclists on Capitol Hill. For more than a decade, the attendance of bicyclists like you at the Summit has helped increase investments in bicycling at the state and local level. In 2014, federal bike funding expires. The 2014 National Bike Summit unites local voices to build momentum in Congress. Join us: Together we can create a more Bicycle Friendly America.
Joe Sanders

BRBC Club Volunteers

The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club is proud to bring you the WNCFlyer, our annual Club fund raiser. We need lots of volunteers. It includes the full, metric, half century, and thirty mile rides which wind through the valleys south of Asheville. It is the least Hilly ride in Western North Carolina, but it has plenty of rolling hills to keep all riders interested. There is terrific mountain scenery without the long mountain climbs.

Contact new members welcoming them to the club and asking in what ways BRBC can help them, printing reports on membership for Board review

Help with leading BRBC rides for beginners to advanced riders (See list of rides posted under Interests.)

Help with organizing social events for BRBC which could include the Volunteer Appreciation Party and the Christmas Party and others


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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday rides are at the discretion of our four leaders: John Wash, Phil Hardee, Art Delcher, and Dennis Pevarski. Each ride is determined one or two days in advance, and is announced to members of the group via email. Ride days may vary, based on weather and other concerns. Our average pace is 14 to 18 miles per hour, depending on the route's terrain. However, on some flat portions of the route, a paceline may form, with speeds of 20+ mph. The distance ranges from 30 to 50 miles, depending on the route\selected. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient, with good bike handling skills. Regrouping will be at the discretion of the ride leader. Bring your own cue sheets or route navigation. Location varies. Coordinator: John Wash (
John Wash

Gravel rides always include gravel sections but may also include a significant amount of pavement as well. Gravel bikes or mountain bikes are recommended for these rides. The average ride pace can vary greatly, depending on the terrain and percentage of gravel vs. pavement. Beginner gravel riders should try out a shorter “intro ride” before tackling a longer route with lots of elevation gain. The route distance is usually 10 to 35 miles. The starting location, distance, elevation gain, pace, and effort index may vary from ride to ride so be sure to read the ride description and check out the elevation profile prior to the ride.
Hank Birdsong

These rides are for those who ride off-road on single track trails and can be categorized depending on ability and comfort level as: 1) Beginner level for those new to mountain biking. 2) Novice level for those not comfortable riding trails with obstacles such as rocks, roots, sand, drop offs, step ups and water crossings. 3) Intermediate level for those experienced and comfortable riding single track trails with obstacles as listed above. 4) Advanced level for those experienced riding difficult terrain and trails rated Black Diamond. Always read the ride description to understand the intended target audience. Most rides in our area include a significant amount of climbing and of course descending and the pace depends on the terrain. Riders are expected to be self sufficient with good bike handling skills.

The average ride pace is 12 to 15 miles per hour for the entire ride, depending on the route's terrain. However, the "cruising" speed may be 15 - 20 mph on some flat terrains. The distance is 20 – 30+ plus miles depending on the route selected. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient with good bike handling skills. Regrouping is up to the ride leader. Start time will be weekday mornings in hot weather and afternoons in cooler weather. Bring your own cue sheets (if posted). Location varies.

A Casual Ride for folks who want to enjoy the company of others. Distance can range from 16 to 30 miles. The ride may be divided into two groups to accommodate the variety of riders. No one gets left behind. Rides begin at Liberty Bicycle except for the first Tuesday of the month when it starts from Fletcher Park. The start time varies accounting to the weather and the time of year. For example, in the summer we try to start early before it gets hot and in the winter, we start later to take advantage of the warmer temperatures.
Claudia P Nix

Easy Riders: A "D" paced ride led by Bill Moore will be happening on an irregular basis to start. These are slower paced rides than we have had for a while. They are designed to be from 8 to 15 miles in length for those individuals who may be getting back into bicycling or just don't want to ride fast and would rather enjoy their surroundings. These rides will be on roads with little traffic with an average speed from 8-12 mph. No rider will be dropped. Bill has not been leading rides although he has ridden for a long time. Due to the Covid-19 situation he will be limiting his rides to 5 individuals so it is very important to sign up for his notices and to let him know you plan to attend when his notice comes out. There will be few major hills on these rides. There might be a few rollers. Sign up through the ride "Interests" on the website and then look for his ride notice.
Bill Moore

This ride is being led by Nancy Fitzpatrick. It is intended to be a group of people who are already comfortable and familiar with road bike group riding, bike etiquette, road safety rules, capable of averaging 15-17 mph for the ride, and able to ride 20-40 miles at a time. It will be a “no-drop” ride, and no one will be left behind. It is NOT about racing, speed, or competition, and there will be NO pace-lining or drafting encouraged, as e-bikes are not conducive to that. Rides will be Sunday and Wednesday mornings, occasionally a slower, shorter ride on Friday mornings, for those who are new to e-biking; these will be with prior arrangements, via email or phone. The rides will originate from numerous locations, the majority being out of Weaverville, but to include Mars Hill, Burnsville, Jupiter, and Barnardsville. Rides will begin 9:00 am, unless changed due to weather conditions.

These rides are intended for folks who prefer an easier pace. Generally, the Asheville ride will follow the French Broad river from Alexander Park into Marshall, where there is an opportunity to have coffee or a snack, then return to Alexander Park. This is one of the flattest rides in the area! Occasionally, rides to the tailgate markets in Asheville are offered, also with the option of coffee and pastry from the vendors Additional routes and starting locations can be implemented by folks willing to become ride leaders in their respective geography. The Hendersonville ride will meander around some flatter and low traffic areas in Hendersonville and/or Henderson County. Occasionally, rides to the tailgate in Hendersonville and the Underground Bakery will be offered.

This is a “No Drop” (regrouping will occur at all major turning points) C-paced ride located in scenic east Buncombe County and, occasionally, west McDowell County. Each ride is determined several days in advance and is announced to members of the group via email. The ride announcement will provide all details. Typically, the ride will begin at Pisgah Brewery or Lookout Brewing Company, Black Mountain. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient with good bike handling skills and with bicycles in good mechanical condition.

This is a new ride being led by Janet Minner. This ride is for those that don't ride with the pedal to the metal or slower than molases in January. This ride is "just right" for those that would average 12-15 MPH depending on the elevation change of the ride. No one is left behind. Rides vary in difficulty and length and will not occur on a regular schedule because the ride leader doesn't know what a regular schedule is.
Janet Minner

The self-named Hills Angels ride year round as weather permits at least once weekly. Weekday rides are the norm and are scheduled based upon leader availability and weather. They are usually announced with 48 hours notice so select this Interest if you want to receive the e-mails. Occasional weekend rides are scheduled. The average pace varies with the intensity of the climbing - 14 mph at 100+ feet/mile and 17 mph at 50 feet/mile. A Senior A pace is the best way to describe it. Starting locations and routes are diverse with mid-ride coffee stops and/or after ride recovery stops.

This is a ride that varies regarding location and distance and time of the week. This is a C-ride with the average ride pace between 10 to 14 miles per hour. Sometimes it will include some climbing and sometimes it will go along a flatter route. The description will give all the details! Riders are expected to be self-sufficient with good bike handling skills. This is a “no-drop” ride. Regrouping will occur at all major turning points. Emails with details regarding the ride will usually be sent out one to two days before the ride and may or may not be posted on the calendar.

These sessions are intended for riders who are just beginning to cycle, for those returning to cycling, and for those who want/need to improve their skills before taking on road riding. There are two venues: One in Asheville and one in Hendersonville: The Asheville location is the 500m oval track in Carrier Park (the "Mellowdrome") on Amboy Road in Asheville. As time and skills/confidence allow, a short ride from Carrier Park out the Greenway to Rhododendron Park & Hominy Creek Road and back may be included. The Hendersonville location will be Jackson Park or Oceola Lake. As time and skills/confidence allow, a short ride down the Greenway or down 4th Ave. bike boulevard and back may be included. Objectives include: To learn bike safety, to improve confidence through improved bike handling skills, to understand the basics of group riding, and to gain bike fitness... all while riding in circles! Generally at least one of these will be offered once a week April-October.

Most of the Transylvania County rides will start in the Brevard area but the starting location, distance, elevation gain, pace and effort index may vary from ride to ride so be sure to read the ride description and check the elevation profile. Sometimes the routes will include substantial climbing and sometimes the routes will be flatter. The description will give all the details! Riders are expected to be self-sufficient with good bike handling skills. Regrouping will occur at ride leader’s discretion, so always bring a cue sheet if you are unfamiliar with the route. Emails with details regarding the ride will usually be sent out one to two days before the ride and may or may not be posted on the calendar.
Hank Birdsong

Rides are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours long beginning at 6 PM while on Daylight Savings time. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient with good bike handling skills and regrouping is left up to the ride leader. The pace is 15 to 20 miles per hour and the distance ranges from 14 to 30 miles depending upon the selected route. Ride begins in Weaverville from the parking lot at N Main St and Dula Springs Rd (5 Corners).