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COVID-19 SAFETY CHECKLIST PLEASE REVIEW! - League of American Bicyclists Return-To-Ride Considerations


The BRBC store is closing tonight, so order soon!  The Store will be open from Sep 15th to Sep 26th with delivery estimated to take 4-6 weeks after the store closes (unfortunately, like everything cycling related, there are supply chain issues).


Sizing – there are two jersey styles, Bronze Sport vent and Finisher. The simplest way to describe the Sport Vent is if you don’t like your jersey flapping this one probably for you, its body contouring. The Finisher jersey is more club fit.
• If you are still unsure what size to buy, we suggest that you ask a friend that currently has BRBC apparel from CUORE or grab your favorite jersey and take the following three measurements (the back from the top of the collar to the bottom, zipper length and width) and email CUORE at
• The multi-scarf listed in the team shop is actually a buff/gator.

• There is an $18 shipping charge (but no sales tax) regardless of the number of items ordered. If possible, order with a friend(s) and share the shipping cost (one person will have to order for all and then be reimbursed).

BRBC Team Shop Access

*** New ordering process for all Accounts ***


CUORE has updated to a new platform which may require you to set-up a new account.  If you placed an order in Jun 21, you are good to go to order from the store directly.  If you've never ordered from the store, or your last order was before Jun 21, you will need to create a new account.

• To set-up a new account you will need to register here first: Register New Cuore Account.
• Once your new account is set-up, then close out of the account registration site and then click on this link: 
Go to the Cuore BRBC Store.


Gift Membership
BRBC Gift Memberships are now available! Send a whole year of cycling fun to all of your besties to celebrate whatever special event you like. To get started click on the gift membership card graphic on the left or select "Gift Membership" from the Membership menu above.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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Henderson County Variety Rides

Welcome Members
Welcome NEW Members

 Another great reason to jon the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club: The BRBC Board is happy to announce that the Club has subscribed to Ride with GPS making it available at different levels to members. All members will have the Premium level benefits for rides and routes in the BRBC library. A few things that you will be able to do as a "premium" member is download a pdf version of a route and upload the the gpx (and other formats) to your device of choice.  If you don’t already have a Ride With GPS account, then you can start things off by signing up for the free Starter account at  Also here is a list of  Ride with GPS Benefits.  For instructions on how to get all the premium features of the BRBC routes: RideWithGPS Instructions but you must be BRBC member to access this page.

On a similar note, please consider uploading your rides to Strava. Barb Mee, Transportation Planner for the City of Asheville says that she and other Planners use this tool to help plan long-range road improvements to include provisions for bicycles.  See note below: Strava Replaces Mileage Log

 Our website has many features.  Please click on the link below to check them all out. Especially look at the Member Interests section that tells you how to get emails regarding rides and events that you may want to participate in.  (Must be a member to subscribe to rides.) Click your interests module by clicking on Profile under your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then clicking on Interests under the Website Box.  These interests are grouped into categories.  By clicking on your particular interests you will get emailings regarding rides and events that you may want to participate in.  At anytime, you can modify your interests and/or opt out of getting emails.  New Website Features

BikeWalk NC

BikeWalk NC is the statewide advocacy organization for bicyclists and pedestrians. They work through education, advocacy and promotion to make it safer and more accessible to walk and bike for transportation, recreation, and health. Walkable, bicycle-friendly communities are more equitable and economically vibrant.  

Their Mission:
 “To inspire and support advocacy and educational efforts throughout North Carolina for an environment that fairly and equitably accommodates bicyclists, skaters, pedestrians, and others using human-powered active transportation.”

BikeWalk NC  and Education Resources for Bicyclists

Cycle Smart

Want to learn how to ride your bike with traffic safely? CycleSmart is a combination of classroom and on-bike lessons to orient you to best cycling practices.
The curriculum is modeled on the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) curriculum which is taught across the USA. Your instructors have been certified by the LAB to teach the CycleSmart Buncombe classes.  
To find out when classes are held and to register online go to

Support Our Greenways and the Ecusta Trail

Greenway expansion gains momentum in Henderson County and cities.  Read the article in the Hendersonville Lightning by Bill Moss which mentions the Ecusta Trail, the NC-280 Multi-Use Path, and the Oklawaha Greenway and the possibility of a Regional Trail System.  We need your support!  Read the entire article  For more info go to

Please support the Ecusta Trail! 
Watch the Video 

Why Join BRBC?

    Support bicycle advocacy in Western North Carolina

    Support bicycle education programs in Middle Schools

    Support the development of new cue sheets

       Your Benefits of Membership are:

The BRBC is 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization and donations are

tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS.

Strava Replaces Mileage Log 

 To use Strava you will need either the App on your Smartphone or a GPS based bike computer.  There are two options; a free account or a feature laden monthly subscription plan - Strava Summit.  A few of the many advantages of using Strava are: track all of your ride parameters, including heart rate and cadence, it keeps a map of your ride, you can follow friends, and rides can be automatically uploaded. Some inputs require extra sensors. But perhaps the greatest advantage is that Strava compiles ride statistics that allow transportation planners to use the data to plan bicycle infrastructure.

Our thanks to Lee Pirtle for his past help in developing and maintaining the mileage log.

Reminder to Members of BRBC

AFTER YOU HAVE LOGGED IN:  Please be sure to click on the interests module.   (Go to your member Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen  > Website Box  > Interests). These interests are grouped into categories. By clicking on your particular interests, you will get emailings regarding rides and events that you may want to participate in. At anytime, you can modify your interests and/or opt out of getting emails.  

(Forgot your password? Just email