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Swap and Shop Website Forum - Buy, Sell or Trade Here!

David Weber | Published on 8/8/2022

The BRBC website hosts a Swap and Shop Forum you can use to buy, sell or trade your cycling gear with other Club members. It is very easy to use and email notifications are automatically sent to members. Ready to post?  Read on to learn more on how it works.

To access the Swap & Shop forum, click HERE.  NOTE: You must be a BRBC member and signed-in to your account to post or modify an ad.

To post to the forum you can click on the link above and start a new thread or you can simply send an email; directions for both methods follow below. 

Post via Website: This is the best way to post an ad as there are no size limitations and you can directly edit and/or update the ad using the website tools.  Simply click on the link above and then click on "Start a New Thread" to create an ad using the website tools.  A form will pop up to enter your ad, just fill it out and when done click on "Post Message".  Use the paper clip on the right to add your photos or other attachments.

Post via Email: This is perhaps the most convenient way to post an ad.  The drawback is you must go to the website to edit your ad if you make a mistake or need to update the ad.  Simply send an email to using the following format...

Email Title: Title of your buy/sell/trade ad
Email Body: All the details of your buy/sell/trade ad
Attachments: Pictures or documents associated with your buy/sell/trade ad

NOTE: posting via email comes with some limitations...the email, including all of the attachments, can't exceed 12MB.  If you go over 12MB, the ad may not post or some of the attachments may get discarded.  This limitation doesn't apply when posting via the website.

Forum DO's and DON'Ts: This forum is strictly for BRBC members to post buy/sell/trade ads for cycling related items that they own. Anything posted outside this general guideline will be removed.

Once your item is bought/sold/traded, please remove your ad.  You can easily do this from the website (you must be logged-in). All ads over one year old will automatically be removed.