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Weekly Cycle Tip - Shimano Di2 Recovery Mode

Brenda Carlton | Published on 7/14/2022

Weekly Cycle Tip: Shimano Recovery Mode

If your Di2 bike stops shifting for no apparent reason despite the battery indicating a full charge, try using the "recovery mode" to reset the system. Press and hold the mode button on the junction box for 5 seconds while turning the cranks by foot or hand. After 5 seconds, keep pedaling, the red light will blink, and unassisted, the rear derailleur will run up and down the cassette. This action completes the rear derailleur reset and the red light will extinguish. Apparently, a severe bump (pothole) "might"  be enough to initiate crash protection for the rear derailleur. Following the reset, shifting should return to normal. Yes, this is the same procedure to reset the rear derailleur in case of a crash or a bike drop.