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The BRBC Clothing Store will be open from 15-26 June 2022!

Drew Stauffer | Published on 6/13/2022

The BRBC Cuore Store will be OPEN 15-26 June 2022!

The BRBC store will be open 15-26 June 2022 with delivery estimated to take 5-6 weeks after the store closes (unfortunately, like everything cycling related, there are supply chain issues).


Sizing – there are two jersey styles, Bronze Sport vent and Finisher. The simplest way to describe the Sport Vent is if you don’t like your jersey flapping this one probably for you, its body contouring. The Finisher jersey is more club fit.
• If you are still unsure what size to buy, we suggest that you ask a friend that currently has BRBC apparel from CUORE or grab your favorite jersey and take the following three measurements (the back from the top of the collar to the bottom, zipper length and width) and email CUORE at
• The multi-scarf listed in the team shop is actually a buff/gator.

• There is an $18 shipping charge (but no sales tax) regardless of the number of items ordered. If possible, order with a friend(s) and share the shipping cost (one person will have to order for all and then be reimbursed).

BRBC Team Shop Access

*** New ordering process for all Accounts ***


CUORE has updated to a new platform which may require you to set-up a new account.  If you placed an order since Jun  21, you are good to go to order from the store directly.  If you've never ordered from the store, or your last order was before Jun 21, you will need to create a new account.

• To set-up a new account you will need to register here first: Register New Cuore Account.
• Once your new account is set-up, then close out of the account registration site and then click on this link: Go to the Cuore BRBC Store.