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Welcome to Our New Homepage!

David Weber, BRBC Webmaster | Published on 4/17/2022

Welcome to Our New Homepage!

We've updated the look and feel of our homepage and menus!  We hope you like the new look and find the page more informative and useful for both members and non-members.  Some changes of note:

• New banner and menu - this will be the most obvious change to anyone who has used the site.  The top level menu structure has been reduced significantly and the banner now spans the full page.  Note that the site is fully functional on cell phones, but you will get a different look and feel than with a wider screen.

• Club rides and Club news side panels - new side panels have been activated to always display the Club ride calendar and Club news feed for easy access.  Note that members-only information will not be displayed in these panels unless you are logged-in to the site.  These side panels will not be displayed on cell phones, but the information will be available by clicking a link instead.

• Announcements - There is a new "Announcements" carousel up-front to display important club information.  Click the arrows to view all of the announcements. Eventually we may add an auto scrolling feature. 

• Member Dashboard - All the member functions have been made clearly visible and up-front as soon as you log-in (it is only visible if you log-in).

• Who We Are section - Watch the newsletter for a monthly photo contest to replace the background picture in this section.  The monthly submission that best represents the mission of the Club will be proudly displayed here.

• Forums - We've activated several forums for both public and members only access to give you a place to communicate with the Club and/or other members about Club topics. Two members only forums of note allow you to email your posts to the forum; 1) Swap and Shop Forum -- post your ads for selling your bike stuff or requests when seeking bike stuff, and 2) Club Rides and Events Photos Forum -- send-in ride pictures to share with other members.  Stay tuned to the monthly newsletter for more details.

• Footer - We've added a footer that will show up on every page throughout the site to help with quick navigation after you've scrolled to the bottom of a page.  This footer duplicates the public view menu structure and isn't visible on cell phones.

We welcome your feedback and ask for suggestions on improving the site to make it more useable for members.  You can provide feedback and/or input in the "Website Feedback Forum" by clicking here.