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The January 1000 Mile Challenge

Face it, you got to December 31st and were short of your mileage goal for the year.  We're going to jump-start 2023 by having a big January so you won't fall short again.  The plan is to have enough rides in January so if you want to have a 1,000 mile month you can achieve that goal.  The weather might interrupt the plan, so you might need some indoor trainer time to meet your goal, but we'll see what outdoor mileage we can squeeze in during the month. 

It's already the end of January!  Congratulations to everyone who completed 1,000 Miles!  And congratulations to everyone hit their mileage goal for the month!

HANK BIRDSONG - Thank you for dreaming up this amazing challenge!!

If you have pictures and/or comments you'd like to share here about your January Challenge, send them to me:


Pictures and mileage of some of our members that took on this January challenge:

Kevin Moran - 1,148.3 miles

Kevin Moran 1k

Hank Birdsong - 1,034 miles

Hank Birdsong 1k

Ric Carey - 1,001.4 miles

Ric Carey 1k

Jim Lane - 1,001.0 miles

Jim Lane - 1k Mile

Top 10 on the BRBC January 1000 Mile Challenge Leaderboard

 Challenge Leaderboard
Beverly and Nancy set a goal of 500 miles - more than the total of their last seven Januarys combined!

Beverly Guthrie - 503 miles 

Beverly 500

Nancy Pryately - 529 miles

Nancy 500

Glenna Shaw rode close to 2000 miles last year, so plunging ahead into 2023 with 767 miles in any month let alone January, was by far a personal best. 


January 1000 Mile Challenge 2023